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Welcome to the home of football for Arsenal supporters in Oklahoma

Red. The color of our dirt. Our heritage is bathed in it. Red. The color of the “greatest team the world has ever seen”. Like the wind sweeping down the plains, the songs of The Arsenal rise over the heart of the Sooner state. Sooner Gooners is the official Oklahoma supporters group for Arsenal Football Club as two great histories intersect into one passionate fan base. Groups meet in Oklahoma City and Tulsa every match day to cheer on our beloved club and discussions are ongoing in one of the most active Arsenal groups on Facebook. Whether you’re a long time fan of The Arsenal or new to the sport of football, you’re welcome to join us. Let the passion of the sport root itself in your life. We are The Arsenal.  We are Oklahoma.  Oklahoma Is Red!

– Brian Perceful


  • Sooner Gooners was established in 2010
  • Sooner Gooners is an official branch of Arsenal America which has a direct link to Arsenal Football Club
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